MaldiPlay Setup

What is MaldiPlay?

MaldiPlay ‘s origin goes back to MaldivEx which was of pentagonal shape and was registered at the Ministry of Economic Development. Thanks  to Dr. Hassan Hameed whose valuable advice led to the square layout and the name was changed to IslandPoly and later  to MaldiPoly that was also copyright registered. MaldiPoly used real names of the resorts that was not very well received by the tourism industry.  Hence MaldiPoly was shelved and totally new layout with new dice which are different from the standard dice. The  six numbers 0 1 2 5 6 and 7; combination have never been used before or there is no record if any.  Hence MaldiPoly became MaldiPlay. This is a board game system copy-right  registered with Ministry of Economic Development of the Maldives and is patent pending with the Patent and Trademark Office of the United States. Henceforth the game claims originality and ownership of many of its ideas.

MaldPlay is designed to be  a  souvenir for the friends  of  Maldives, i.e.  the visitors to the Maldives. The purpose of the game is to promote Maldivian Tourism. Therefore numerous   pictures of Maldivian resorts  have been included. Additionally, historical and general information are also presented in the game.  Maldi  represents this souvenir feature.

Play is for the game option and is recommended for four players and a banker The game  is time limited.  This means it does not  go indefinitely until there is monopoly. There is an inbuilt timer that limits the play to 15 months of MaldiPlay time. The timer also establishes the seasonal pricing system with different prices for the four quarters of the   year.

MaldiPlay is played  using two dice, five tokens MaldiPlay Rufiya notes, a 21×21 inch board, two decks of cards (Season Cards and Sunny Side Cards , Title Cards  for  each island. PLayers lease islands  and sell to visitors on daily rates. The players represent the  investors and visitors, wile the bank represents financial institution and the regulator


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Azyma Alene Aydin Ahmed

At times another beautiful day starts at the beach, for few people a 27 centigrade maybe cold because that’s the coldest temperature they ever experienced. As the sun transforms through a series hot colours the Sunshine defines the sunny  side with such a temperature that Adam and Eve would not have felt any discomfort; in the worst case, each other’s body temperature is sufficient, no  heating is necessary. The Sky with is azure blue and filled with the cleanest air caters where there is no need for airconditioning. The Sea is just a few feet away starting to show off its turquoise  lagoon, if you look further you see areas of small ridges in the water, likely a school of fish playing around; barefooted walking across the white Sands will send constant signals up through  every cell of your body and finally to the brain and to you, the inner self. Your lips and and facial muscles release all the tension and returns to their  original shape. And that defines the Smile. MaldiPLay is probably  the best gift we can give that could remind you of that  experience once you are back home. We are in the Maldives where the  Sun Sky Sea Sand makes  you Smile

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