Maldives is the true Sunny Side on the planet wherein you are blessed with the best of Sunshine, the best of Sunlight and the right amount of energy. The islands are the best places on the surface of the earth for people to live. Besides the  sun there are other four elements that sets Maldives away from the rest. Tourism here in the archipelago is dependent on these: Marvelous Maldives: Sun Sky Sea Sand Smile, the five pillars on Maldivian Tourism.

Found the Earth

Imagine: you just discovered planet earth, there are no people living on earth. You are a smart and knowledgeable person. Somehow  you got all the information about each and every piece of land on earth. All that data you require  to make an informed decision. A big one! which place on thee earth yo will settle? To live  forever.

In search of the best place

You are informed, so you make the best decision and you cannot be wrong. After going through the available data, you  know it is  not an easy one to make. There are number of places that meet your requirements. Therefore selecting the best place is never an easy one. However, you are determined to choose the  best place, because  you do not want to move from one place to another searching for the most suitable habitat. That’s what everybody is doing back where you currently live. they call it tourism, which actually is a phenomena happening because of continuous search for the most relaxing place to live

Basic Requirements

These are basic needs of life that you must have, to live a happy and relaxed life. Based on your experience you decide on a few things that you will use to compare the short-listed  places. it has to be based on facts and be scientific. Otherwise you  will, out of the blue, say those small spec-like islands  that you see in the Indian Ocean. Not a  surprise! when you come from outer space and fly over a few thousands of feet  above, round the earth, what you see  is breathtakingly amazing; amazingly beautiful.

Sun Sky Sea Sand Smile

The 5S requirements. In these are all  that man needs to be himself, to be happy. Sun: needless to explain, everything depends on the sun’s energy, the other 4s four requirements are byproducts or supporting requirements  or you may say complimentary. Th Sky  represents spirituality and the fresh air, you need oxygen to breathe, and hence unpolluted air. The Sea: You  need water and rain  the beauty of the underwater is luxury,   friendly sharks, a bonus. Sand may not a necessity but what it represents it something which cannot be excluded in the basic needs, that is Romance Love, companionship.  walk barefoot on a white sandy beach with your loved ones if you disagree. Finally Smile, relaxation on an island,life close to water.

Maldives, the best place to live

Now using all the available data you give points on a scale, and will not be surprised, nor disappointed. you were right, the islands of Maldives are  overall the most beautiful place on earth and the most desirable   to live. It is the Marvelous Maldives, Sun Sky Sea Sand Smile making the paradise of the earth.

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